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Grandfather with his Grandson before the COVID-19 pandemic


Each new case of COVID-19 is a person, a person with friends, family, hopes and dreams. This project will share the stories of people right here in Muskegon County, so people don't forget there's a face behind every new COVID-19 case. 


Emily Pfromm

A family trip to Wisconsin left a young Norton Shores mother with heart damage and questions about her future after she and her husband both contracted COVID-19. Emily Pfromm talks about her heart condition, the struggles she has keeping up with her 6-year-old son, and her unknown future in this most-recent video from the Mask Up Muskegon "Faces of the Cases" story series. She hopes sharing her story will encourage others to act safely during the pandemic.

COVID-19 leaves West Michigan mother with heart damage and questions about her future

COVID-19 leaves West Michigan mother with heart damage and questions about her future

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Vernon Fox and Family

Steve Fox still doesn't know how both of his parents contracted COVID-19. But the disease took its toll, and life will never be the same for Steve and his family thanks to this pandemic. Steve hopes sharing his story can help make people think twice about the safety precautions they are taking to stop COVID-19 from spreading in our community. If his family's story can make even one person follow the guidelines, it may prevent another family from having to go through what Steve's family did.

Jill Bonthuis

Jill Bonthuis has dedicated her life to helping some of the most vulnerable residents of Muskegon County. However, she didn't know it would be this dedication that would ultimately lead her to contract COVID-19. Jill is now a COVID-19 "long-hauler" as her symptoms from the disease. She shares how you don't always simply "recover" from COVID-19 and how its effects can linger long after you test positive for the virus.

Dr. Claudia Jarrin Tejada

It's no secret that hospitals and their staff are reeling from COVID-19. From serving a crushing number of infected individuals to worrying about being infected themselves, are frontline medical workers need our support. Dr. Claudia Jarrin Tejada, the infection prevention director for Mercy Health Muskegon, discusses the surge in COVID-19 cases and what the public can do to stay safe and protect our medical workers who are putting themselves in harm's way every day.

Mercy Health & MAISD

The MAISD is pleased to have a close working relationship with Mercy Health including the hospital's chief medical officer and an infectious disease director. Dr. Grill and Dr. Jarrin have important information on how COVID-19 might spread during the holidays. They also have information to share on current health conditions, hospital capacity, and how we can stay safe. The MAISD produced this video for our schools and the greater community.