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Individual making masks for Muskegon County



Mask Up Muskegon has provided more than 3,500 homemade masks to area organizations. These masks were made and donated by people right here in Muskegon County. 



Mask Up Muskegon works with local mask makers to get donated homemade masks into the hands of people who may not otherwise have access to them. More than 3,500 masks have been provided to organizations like the Muskegon Area Transit Service, Pathfinders, Muskegon Area District Library, Hackley Public Library, Muskegon County Jail, and many more through this effort.

We are still working to distribute masks to the community. If you are a mask maker and interested in making and donating masks, let us know! Masks can be dropped off from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at HealthWest, 376 E. Apple Ave. in Muskegon. You can also email if you have any questions about the donation process. Together, we can keep our community safe!

Mask Donation information



The simple fact is: Masks help slow the spread of COVID-19. When combined with other actions like social distancing and proper handwashing, masks are an important part of a comprehensive COVID safety plan.

However, masks only work when they are used properly. That's why Mask Up Muskegon is working to distribute 25,000 postcards across the county to encourage proper mask usage. These postcards are included with every mask distributed by Mask Up Muskegon and have been distributed by many community partners, like schools, meals on wheels programs, food banks, and more. Want to help distribute these postcards? Email


You can download a copy of this postcard by clicking here.

How to properly use a mask infographic
How to properly use a mask infographic
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