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New Video Campaign Showcases Muskegon's "Faces of the Cases"

Every new COVID case reported is a person, whose life may be forever altered by this virus.

As COVID cases continue to rise, it is important to remember those are people with friends, families, hopes and dreams. That is why we are using video to share their stories to humanize the pandemic for those who haven't had personal experience with the virus or its effects.

We have already launched three video stories, well worth viewing and sharing. Check out these videos here. We encourage you to share these stories through your own social media or website. More video stories are still in the works.

Do you have a COVID story you'd like to share? Click here or the button below to let us know!

Even if your story results in just one person making safer choices, that could help stop the virus from spreading to dozens of people and maybe even save a life.


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