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Liz Trzaska is saving lives in Muskegon County one donated mask at a time

When COVID-19 hit Muskegon County, Liz Trzaska and her trusty sewing machine got to work.

"I recall in the first days of quarantine when the word was put out to wear a mask," Traska said. "Because I love to sew, I immediately sewed a few masks for myself and my family. This soon led to sewing for friends, neighbors and family scattered across the country."

As the pandemic went on, Liz saw a growing need in her community as home health care workers, grocery store workers, and other service agencies here in Muskegon started asking for masks for their workers and clients.

After making her first mask delivery on March 26, Liz has now sewn 1,254 masks, of which 662 have been sewn specifically for the Mask Up Muskegon campaign.

"When I announced on my radio show that I was sewing masks, many of my listeners reached out in need of masks," Trzaska adds. "AgeWell Services, United Way of the Lakeshore, Family Promise, and other organizations have all received some of my masks as well."

Every single mask has been donated, and in true hometown hero fashion, Liz continues to sew to this very day.

"I feel strongly about helping my community stay healthy and safe in fighting this COVID-19 virus," Trzaska said. "It has kept me busy during these long 'stay-at-home' months, and if this is the one little way I can help my community, help others stay healthy and safe, then I will keep at it until the need for masks is no more."

Thank you, Liz, and every other person who has donated masks to the community and the Mask Up Muskegon campaign. While the number of infections their masks have prevented and lives they have saved may be incalculable, their generosity and dedication are indeed a light in an otherwise dark time.

Are you a mask maker who would like to donate masks to the community? Email and let us know.


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